Wilcoxon Research publishes vibration sensor catalog

Wilcoxon Research publishes vibration sensor catalog
Germantown, MD – Wilcoxon Research’s new vibration sensor catalog has a handy sensor selection guide to help choose the right accelerometer or 4-20 mA sensor for the application. Also included are technical notes and brochures.

Anyone can download the new catalog from the Wilcoxon Research website or request a printed version. Printed catalogs will be mailed free of charge.

The new accelerometer catalog features Wilcoxon’s most popular models of premium, standard, high-performance, specialty and 4-20 mA vibration sensors that lead the industry in quality and innovation. It also includes technical writings to enhance accelerometer knowledge and aid in sensor selection.

"Wilcoxon's new accelerometer catalog has a variety of high quality products for any vibration monitoring need. Featured sensors include general purpose, velocity, triaxial, high temperature, high frequency, and low frequency accelerometers," said Tom Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wilcoxon. “The nice thing about the catalog is it is delivered in a binder so that it can be a living document, customized by the individual with the most current and relevant product specifications and technical notes from our website.”

The catalog also includes Wilcoxon’s popular Intelligent Transmitter Series, a vibration transmitter, vibration alarm and communication module which output 4-20 mA vibration data. Most process control systems, such as a PLC, DCS or SCADA system, accept 4-20 mA data as a standard input.

Vibration sensor mounting hardware and accessories can also be found in the catalog. High quality cables, junction boxes, and termination boxes to complete the sensor network are included, as well as the popular MaxFlex® cables compatible with data collectors from SKF, Emerson (CSI), and Rockwell (Entek IRD).

Wilcoxon Research Inc, a Meggitt group company, is committed to providing innovative vibration instrumentation, backed by outstanding customer service and a generous warranty. Wilcoxon's Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership means that you won't waste time and money replacing failed sensors or waiting for items with long lead times.

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