CODESYS announces CODESYS Automation Server Open Control Software for Industry 4.0 |

CODESYS announces CODESYS Automation Server Open Control Software for Industry 4.0

October 232019
CODESYS announces CODESYS Automation Server Open Control Software for Industry 4.0

October 23, 2019 - The maker of one of the most widely used IEC 61131-3-based open control software products has unveiled a server platform that supports Industry 4.0 goals and methods. CODESYS Automation Server provides numerous functions demanded by Industry 4.0 architectures, When programming controllers via IP-based networks such as Ethernet or Internet, users can now secure their expertise and data by means of encryption, password, security key, or X.509 certificate.

Support for cloud computing enables an overview of the entire control landscape from any device, as well as the roll out of compiled application updates or device software to one or more identical devices at the same time. Cloud computing also provides support in restarting a controller after device replacement. CODESYS Automation Server uses genuine object-oriented programming, has integrated add-on tools for methodical software development, and provides easy reuse of source code. In this way, CODESYS establishes the link between the concepts of IT systems and automation tools. Data in the Industry 4.0 environment can be exchanged via conventional standard protocols such as https/WebClient, MQTT, or OPC UA.

Creation of application code can be accomplished with the integrated CODESYS Application Composer and the technology modules employed for this purpose can be displayed with a 3D visualization integrated in the PLC development system. Users then have a type of virtual laboratory on hand that provides valuable insights when implementing automation tasks – without a costly mechanical construction. CNC or robotic tasks can be engineered in CODESYS together with corresponding visualizations at the same time as the logic control. The web-based visualization enables new operating and maintenance functions be done on a tablet or smartphone and without additional external software.

The CODESYS Store is claimed to be the first “app shop platform” to bring immediate added value to automation. Plug-in tools and other products for the CODESYS Development System are offered there, as are program samples and libraries. In addition, SoftPLC systems are available for standard platforms such as industrial PCs, and board, such as BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi.

More than 400 manufacturers of automation devices have chosen CODESYS as their development system. This means that they have implemented the corresponding CODESYS Control runtime system on their devices, enabling hundreds of compatible devices to be listed in the CODESYS Device Directory.