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Emerson PlantWeb(R) architecture chosen by Brunner Mond as future standard for DCS replacement

Leading European Chemicals manufacturer standardizes on DeltaV(TM) system and Rosemount(R) instrumentation products to achieve long-term operational benefits.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 4, 2002) - Emerson Process Management today
announced an order from Brunner Mond that will apply PlantWeb digital plant architecture to the first phase of a DCS replacement project at their Northwich East plant in Cheshire, England. Brunner Mond produces soda ash (sodium carbonate) and sodium bicarbonate at three manufacturing plants in Europe, which use locally available brine and limestone as raw materials for the Ammonia Soda Process. Soda ash is a major component in glass manufacture, detergents and chemicals, and sodium bicarbonate is refined for use in foods and pharmaceuticals.

In a review of manufacturing operations, Brunner Mond decided that to improve their manufacturing cost base and improve operational efficiency, a fieldbus-based automation solution would be the next generation replacement for the largely obsolescent discrete controllers and DCS system.

Phil Stoor, Senior Project Engineer at Brunner Mond explains: "Having analysed all the competitive approaches, including that from the existing control system suppliers, we have chosen a PlantWeb digital plant architecture solution from Emerson using FOUNDATION(TM) fieldbus, as the best fieldbus solution available today. With well thought out diagnostics and at the right stage in its life cycle, the DeltaV digital automation system makes the highest use possible of field intelligence, and offers the most sensible solution for monitoring and control of our continuous

In the initial phase of the project, a DeltaV system will be used for measurement and control on two Solvay towers, which carbonate the ammoniated brine produced in the Absorber Plant, producing a filterable sodium bicarbonate crystal in ammonium chloride liquor. Each tower will operate on two separate FOUNDATION fieldbus segments, each using redundant H1 interfaces. The project uses Rosemount 3244 temperature transmitters, and Rosemount 8800C vortex flowmeters and a variety of third party field devices for monitoring the process conditions.

"As well as achieving reduced commissioning time using FOUNDATION fieldbus, we anticipate long term operational benefits and increased up-time by using such technology as PlantWeb Alerts, and AMSInside software to reduce maintenance activities." Phil Stoor continued, "This may be extended to use instrumentation to monitor filters and pumps, and other Emerson technology such as e-fficiency(TM) web-based performance monitoring software, to oversee rotating machinery such as dryers."

Travis Hesketh, Systems Sales Director for Emerson Process Management, commented, "This selection by Brunner Mond of PlantWeb digital plant architecture is a tribute to the simplicity of using the DeltaV system when upgrading an existing plant in phases.

Brunner Mond is a chemical company, and their staff appreciate the "out of the box" simplicity of the DeltaV automation system. In addition the monitoring of plant assets and performance available using AMS software as part of PlantWeb architecture to interrogate equipment over the fieldbus, and predict maintenance requirements, gives future opportunities for operational cost savings and increased efficiency."

"An additional advantage to Brunner Mond is the open, standards-based design of the whole PlantWeb architecture. Their existing Maxivis Eurotherm SCADA system will be integrated into the digital plant architecture of the DeltaV digital automation system."

About Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management (www.emersonprocess.com), an Emerson business, is
a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. The company combines superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services. Its brands include: PlantWeb(R); Fisher(R) Micro Motion(R); Westinghouse Process Control; Rosemount(R); DeltaV(TM); Intellution(R); and AMS.

About Emerson

St. Louis based Emerson (www.gotoemerson.com) is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in process control; electronics and telecommunications; industrial automation; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; and appliances and tools. Sales in fiscal 2001 were $15.5 billion.

PlantWeb, DeltaV, Rosemount, AMS, AMSInside and e-fficiency are marks of Emerson Process Management. FOUNDATION is a mark of The Fieldbus Foundation.

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