Stahlin's enclosures provide protection for ECS compost temperature sensors |

Stahlin's enclosures provide protection for ECS compost temperature sensors

Stahlin's enclosures provide protection for ECS compost temperature sensors

September 20, 2016 - Jeff Gorom, Equipment Engineer, Engineered Composted Systems (ECS) was looking for additional suppliers for the company’s product lines. Jeff made the decision to go to the Rockwell Automation On The Move Event (RAOTM) in Seattle, Washington in August of 2015. During a stop at Stahlin’s Non-Metallic Enclosures exhibit, Jeff indicated that all types of enclosures that his company has used for the RF TeleProbe have failed for one reason or another. 

The Challenge:

The company has a product—RF TeleProbe.  It has real-time monitored sensors that are placed in the middle of compost heaps to monitor the fermentation or aging and maturing process of the mix. The layout of many large facilities makes implementing a hard-wired temperature monitoring system impractical. Acquiring temperature data by walking the piles with a hand-held device is labor intensive and if forced aeration is used, it is too infrequent to make timely adjustments.

The environment of this application has been very toxic to all enclosures that ECS has used to date. The toxicity in the piles is caused by an unknown mix of organic substances that ferment over time and produces methane and other toxic gases. These gases often lead to elevated heat that can damage an enclosure. Plus there is the additional challenge of managing worms and other creatures’ that can also have a negative impact on enclosures as they surround and work their way inside. Hence, the company needed a strong corrosive resistant NEMA 4X enclosure that could survive this environment and protect the important RF TeleProbe system.

The Solution:

Jeff Gorom was impressed with charts provided by Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures at the Rockwell event with details on the strength and the chemical reactivity of the non-metallic enclosures.

Immediately after the event, Jeff contacted Stahlin for a solution. To reduce overall cost ECS wanted a standard off-the-shelf enclosure. However, they did need the enclosure in a safety orange color so it could be easily seen in the pile. ECS also needed a few modifications such as holes and markings. Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures was able to put together an entire enclosure quote package that met all of ECS needs.

ECS placed the first order in October 2015, with North Coast Electric of Seattle Washington. North Coast Electric is an Allen Bradley Authorized distributor that goes beyond and partners with customers such as ECS to solve problems and provide innovative solutions. Today, Stahlin continues to provide ECS with a safety orange color CF532 enclosure, thanks to this channel collaboration designed to effectively serve Rockwell Automation customers.

Stahlin Non-Metallic CF enclosures are ideal for compact, portable control or simply as a small junction box. This series features unobstructed sidewalls, captive stainless steel cover screws, and a full range of sizes. Stahlin can also perform a wide range of modifications on the non-metallic enclosures such as in-mold color, cut outs, and much more.

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