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WERMA releases 'Signal Technology for Industry' guide

WERMA releases 'Signal Technology for Industry' guide

June 21, 2018 - WERMA has published a guide to “Signal technology for industry” as part of the Dictionary of Technology series.  This  guide is now available in English and gives the technically interested or even casual reader a complete overview and basic knowledge of the subject matter. The reference book is full of technical information and explanations as well as many practical examples.  The reference book is aimed not only at the industrial user in manufacturing and trade but also at students and apprentices.

After a general introduction to the subject the reader is then given a detailed overview of the technicalities and functions of industrial signal devices. A detailed explanation of the different types of signals and their meaning together with the difference between the optical and audible signal devices is given. The chapter on “Applications” details examples of the use of signal devices in many industrial applications like, for example; machines and equipment, control panels, manufacturing lines in the automotive, general and and logistics industries, packing and dispatch and  building automation applications to name but a few.

In addition the reader will gain an insight into the world of digitalisation through the innovative wirelessly networked systems from WERMA.  Finally some examples of “best practice” applications will show the benefits of signal technology.

WERMA manufactures a range of optical and audible products and innovative systems for process optimisation in industry and logistics. WERMA has always put enormous importance on the concept of “intelligent systems that simply work”.

For more than 25 years the series “Dictionary of Technology” with additional series on Science and The Economy has enjoyed a highly respected reputation within the German speaking world supported by countless versions in foreign languages. The pragmatic reference books with their distinctive four-colour covers are designed to give a clear and attractive presentation over 72 pages on a clearly defined topic from the worlds of Technology, Science or the Economy.

Subject titles in the more than 360 volumes within the series are compiled in exclusive co-operation with a leading company within the industry branch in question and there are generally some 15 new subjects introduced each year.

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