WSCAD releases expanded electrical CAD data library

WSCAD releases expanded electrical CAD data library

December 1, 2016 - The electrical CAD data library has grown since the beginning of the year. With about 140 manufacturers and over 1.2 million parts and related data in WSCAD and EPLAN*-EDZ formats, the portal is the largest electrical CAD data library in the world. recorded a daily average of 2,500 queries and over 3,000 downloads.

At present, there are approximately 140 manufacturers from the industrial and building automation sector who offer their products to electrical CAD users in the form of current and regularly maintained symbols and part records - and the number is steadily increasing. Since the start of 2016, WSCAD has added the data of over 30 new manufacturers in the WSCAD and EPLAN format - including, for example, companies such as Block, Helmholz, Lütze and National Instruments. Over 140,000 updated parts, data and new records were added, including several from manufacturers such as BALLUFF, DRAGO, Phoenix Contact, and Siemens. With a total of 1.2 million parts and related data, the freely accessible data portal is the largest electrical CAD data library in the world. Usage is free for users; in the case of users of WSCAD with a maintenance contract, directly from within their electrical CAD application, for EPLAN* and other users, via the web portal at the web address with the same name. For manufacturers, there are no costs associated with the presentation of their products.

The parts data library provides search and filter functions. With text-sensitive searches such as those known from Google & Co, the software responds in real time to any entered search term and presents the possible results in an "AutoComplete Menu" for further selection. Together with the also possible default preselection, users can intuitively and quickly achieve the desired results, especially when complex manufacturer offerings are involved. Those who do not find the part record of a specific product can initiate a part  request to WSCAD with a mouse click. The new maintenance contracts of WSCAD in the upgrade levels of "Plus" and "Premium" include the free creation of 10 and 20 part records per year, respectively. A service from the portfolio of WSCAD Global Business Services complements the offering: users as well as manufacturers can have EPLAN* or Autodesk* data for their products created at favorable conditions.

The data portal is available worldwide in different languages. The part data is released immediately after it is created and is promptly available.