ABB announces installation of three YuMi robots at Netherlands production plant

ABB announces installation of three YuMi robots at Netherlands production plant

June 14, 2017 -  ABB announced the installation of three YuMi robots on a production line at its electrification products plant in Ede, the Netherlands.
Designed for use in small parts assembly, the three YuMi robots will assemble a new cavity wall socket dubbed HW52-F. The collaborative dual arm robot solution is designed to ensure the safety of those around it and elevate the nature of work at the plant by performing repetitive tasks to perfection.

The installation follows the successful implementation of a collaborative automation solution with YuMi at ABB’s factory in the Czech Republic. ABB has boosted the productivity and flexibility of its electrical socket assembly by allowing people and robots to work together on shared tasks.

The HW52-F cavity wall socket was launched on April 1, 2017. A cavity wall socket is used to connect wires with other wires and with switches and sockets. The HW52-F can be connected, installed, and placed flush to the wall. A production and mechanization line had to be established for this product. The socket can be made airtight and soundproof with an insert. A fire-resistant version is also available.

About ABB Electrification Products Ede

ABB Electrification Products Ede, located in the center of the Netherlands manufacturers plastic products for the installation industry including sockets and consumer units. The business’ expertise is in injection-moulding techniques that have been developed and nurtured in-house, with a reputation within our markets for being in the vanguard of research and development.