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Weintek releases iR-ECAT EtherCAT communication coupler

Weintek releases iR-ECAT EtherCAT communication coupler

April 4, 2019 - Weintek is releasing a new iR Series EtherCAT communication coupler, iR-ECAT, to facilitate integration of iR Series I/O modules into EtherCAT applications.

iR-ECAT connecting iR Series I/O modules works as an EtherCAT slave, which allows control by EtherCAT master controllers after importing the ESI (EtherCAT Slave Information file) description file of the iR-ECAT. Being compliant to ETG5001, iR-ECAT is a tool for integrating EtherCAT systems in the industrial automation industry.

iR-ECAT is equipped with a dedicated chip process EtherCAT to fulfill the demand for high speed and high efficiency network for industrial control applications. EtherCAT supports almost any topology: Line, Tree, Star topologies and any combination suitable for the environment. Each iR-ECAT is equipped with two Ethernet ports, which eliminates the need for switches or hubs.

Node ID can be configured by using rotary switches, and the unit is ready for use when it is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable, which shortens the time needed for wiring and testing.iR-ECAT can be connected to miscellaneous iR Series modules suitable for the application. With Weintek’s ibus technology, the response speed of iR Series I/O modules is ensured to be comparable with EtherCAT’s efficiency. Unlike PLCs mounted on pedestals with limited number of slots, or fixed Remote I/O that is not expandable, modular design of iR Series provides great flexibility by allowing one to add I/O modules as the application may require.