ATS announces automation orders from two repeat automotive customers totaling $9 million |

ATS announces automation orders from two repeat automotive customers totaling $9 million

CAMBRIDGE, ON, March 18 /CNW/ - ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today announced it has been awarded two separate contracts valued at $9.0 million for the design, manufacture and supply of automated manufacturing sysems from two major multinational tier one automotive customers.

The largest of the two contracts will be completed, shipped and installed over the next six months and includes a number of individual automated manufacturing and test systems. These systems will feature a variety of standard automation products and technologies from ATS including two ATS Supertrak(TM) intelligent conveyor systems, and various high-speed ATS Superbot(TM) material handling robots and ATS proprietary component feeders for high volume parts handling and improved performance. The customer -- a major multinational tier one automotive parts supplier and a long- time ATS account -- will use these advanced automated systems to manufacture and test high precision automotive components.

"This assignment is just the latest example of growing marketplace
acceptance for our next generation standard products and technologies, and the mutual value they provide to both our customers and to ATS," said Klaus Woerner, ATS President and Chief Executive Officer. "For customers, technologies like Supertrak(TM) and Superbots(TM) enable high manufacturing throughput, efficiency, flexibility, tremendous precision and most important, rapid system deployment and higher return on investment. For ATS, our standard products are a distinct advantage in winning new assignments, plus they allow us to deliver value added manufacturing solutions faster and on terms that benefit both ATS and our customers."

For example, by replacing third-party vibratory bowl feeders with ATS component feeders -- a recent addition to the Company's standard products portfolio -- ATS is able to reduce the customer's cost of ownership, improve component handling performance and generate better margins for itself.

Added Mr. Woerner: "Clearly, this assignment demonstrates once again that important customers are embracing our standard products initiative, and that the investments we have made to develop these technologies is helping ATS to add momentum in a challenging economic environment. We look forward to serving this customer and in so doing, showcasing the distinct competitive advantages ATS possesses as the industry's leader -- and the only company in our markets offering comprehensive 21st century automation solutions."

The second contract, also from a repeat automation systems customer, is also scheduled for completion over the next six months and is comprised of two different custom designed automated assembly systems that will be used by this multinational tier one automotive component manufacturer to assemble an automotive subsystem.

The names of the customers and further detail about the orders cannot be disclosed due to customer confidentiality requirements. ATS derived approximately $260 million of consolidated revenue from automotive customers in its last fiscal year and the auto industry has been a major consumer of ATS automation systems and precision components for more than 20 years.

About ATS
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. ( is the industry's leading designer and producer of turn-key automated manufacturing and test systems, which are used primarily by multinational corporations operating in a variety of industries including: automotive, computer/electronics, healthcare, and consumer products. The Company also makes precision components and sub-assemblies using its own custom-built manufacturing systems, process knowledge and automation technology. This includes a line of advanced thermal management devices used by computer manufacturers to cool high-speed processors. Through Photowatt International S.A., and Spheral Solar Power Inc., ATS is an emerging leader in the rapidly growing market for solar energy cells and modules. ATS employs approximately 3,400 people at 28 facilities in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The Company's shares are traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange under
the symbol ATA.

Certain forward looking statements are made in this news release,
including statements regarding possible future business. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and
uncertainties, including, without limitation, continued acceptance of ATS's products, technologies, customer requirements and other risks detailed from time to time in ATS's periodic reports filed with Canadian regulatory authorities.
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