OPC Foundation Membership for Corporations, End-Users & Affiliates

Automation.com and the OPC Foundation

The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between plant floor devices.
The OPC Foundation has partnered with Automation.com to increase awareness and membership of the OPC Foundation among corporations, end-user companies and affiliates.  The membership options are:
  • Corporate Members are OPC technology providers. These are the vendors that offer OPC compliant products. Their membership fee (which is based on their annual sales) entitles them to list their OPC-related products on the website and in the OPC Foundation Catalog. Corporate Members are eligible to participate in OPC Foundation booths at trade shows providing an inexpensive means of establishing a trade show presence. Most important, the Corporate Members are the creators, shapers, and driving forces behind the technology.
  • End-User Members are the consumers of OPC technology in the form of OPC compliant products. They can contribute to the advancement of OPC technology individually by commenting on Draft Specifications and as a group through the End-User Advisory Council. (There is a special sub-category for Universities.)
  •  Affiliate Members are non-voting members. Institutions and non-profit groups that need OPC information can choose this low cost membership..)
Note: Membership applies to the entire company, not just an individual.
Download Membership Application (includes options and annual cost).
After you join you will receive:
  • Membership confirmation and instructions directly from the OPC Foundation.
  • Use of the OPC Foundation Member logo. The logo is based on the familiar OPC logo but has a bold, black horizontal bar at the bottom that not only highlights the word "MEMBER" but also gives the entire logo a strong symmetry.
  • A copy of the popular Softing OPC book, OPC Fundamentals, Implementation and Application.
  • Listing in the OPC Foundation Member Directory. Mailing addresses and contacts of OPC members are found in the OPC Foundation Member List on www.opcfoundation.org. Profiles of OPC Foundation member organizations are also included.
  • …and all the other rights and privileges outlined below!
Download Membership Application (includes options and annual cost).

OPC Membership Benefits Summary

  • Collaborate with a unique software development community by joining technical working groups, writing sample code, reviewing ongoing specification development, and generally contributing to the future of interoperability in automation.
  • Gain early access to OPC Specifications before the general public. (Corporate Members)
  • Use OPC Foundation written sample code and the OPC compliance test tool. (Corporate Members)
  • List your products in the OPC Catalog and on the website. (Corporate Members)
  • Announce new products on our website and link to yours. (Corporate Members)
  • Display the OPC Foundation Member logo.
  • Join on-line discussion discussion groups and list servers.
  • Attend interoperability events. (Corporate Members)
  • Participate in the annual OPC Foundation General Assembly Meeting.
  • Download Full Member Benefits in PDF
Download Membership Application (includes options and annual cost).