Eaton announces integration of OPC UA into operation and control systems portfolio

Eaton announces integration of OPC UA into operation and control systems portfolio

May 1, 2017 -  Eaton has realigned its product portfolio toward automation to provide a way for machine and systems builders to communicate with the Cloud from individual machine components. With the integration of the OPC Unified Architecture Standard (OPC UA) into operation and control systems, both existing machines and new designs can be made IoT ready, and so can be integrated into the Smart Factory environment. This means that machines can communicate with other machines (M2M), the factory manager of a Smart Factory (M2Factory) or with the Cloud (M2Cloud) through OPC UA.

Eaton now offers machine and systems builders several options for making their equipment IoT ready: As a combined operation and control system with capacitive multi-touch technology, the XV300 with integrated OPC UA server – which is now available in a 15-inch design, as well as in 7 and 10.1-inch versions – is ideal for compact machines as a CoDeSys control system. In combination with the visualization software Galileo, it also supports the implementation of modern operating concepts. In addition, Eaton’s intelligent wiring and communications system establishes fully closed, tamper-proof configurations, with continuous security from the motor starters to the Cloud. For equipment with high performance requirements, Eaton offers the XC300 CoDeSys controller, which also has an integrated OPC UA server. In such situations, the XV300 can also be used as an operating device to take over visualization and the Cloud connection. The XC-152 CoDeSys controller is also suitable for connecting existing machines to the Cloud without visualization, as it can be retrospectively implemented into OPC UA.

As part of this activity, Eaton also includes OPC UA in its training program for partners and customers.