Engineering Consultants Group introduces latest version of Glance

December 022016
Engineering Consultants Group introduces latest version of Glance

December 2, 2016 - Engineering Consultants Group introduced the latest version of Glance. Glance is a real-time graphical visualization client for OPC and OSIsoft. Glance runs on all modern devices and desktop browsers that support HTML5 with no add-ons required.

Glance's OPC data interface is compatible with Kepware KExServerEX's Local Historian as well as many other OPC DA/HDA (UA Coming Soon) servers. By leveraging lightweight data historians, users have a solution for viewing equipment process information through Glance's enterprise architecture.

Glance’s interface allows users to navigate and maintain a collection of graphical process displays that are suitable for an entire power generation company’s fleet as well as industrial facilities.

Uploaded displays can be modified by using Glance's integrated display builder. A single installation of Glance can support tag counts ranging from just a few sites with hundreds of tags, up to 55 sites with a few hundred thousand tags.

The Advanced Search interface allows users to find relevant displays by interrogating their metadata. Clicking on a search result brings up the real-time display in question. Displays include interactive value, gauge, and trending features such as cursors, zoom, scaling, and more. Glance can display tabular data housed in a user’s existing SQL and OLE DB-enabled relational databases, e.g. internal Cost Tracking, Work Management, and Maintenance Schedules. Tabular data can be configured to highlight cells based on simple cell conditions.

Glance users can login and upload their existing OSIsoft PI ProcessBook® files with a few clicks. The Glance server performs a one-time conversion of PI ProcessBook files into a web-friendly format while maintaining performance and user experience.  Uploaded displays can also be modified by using Glance's integrated display builder. Glance also supports searching and trending classic PI tags as well rendering and interacting with PI Asset Framework Element Relative Displays. Users can share documents and displays with colleagues using global folders and secure others using their own personal folder.