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Radiflow announces OT MSSP partner program to improve OT cybersecurity

Radiflow announces OT MSSP partner program to improve OT cybersecurity

June 7, 2019 - Industrial automation has brought significant challenges in terms of OT security. Most industrial networks were built many years ago with hardly any security concerns in mind. While IT and IoT are playing key roles in improvements to industrial automation, most OT networks are still in need of significant security upgrades to protect against new threats and vulnerabilities. At the same time, most industrial enterprises lack the internal resources and expertise to effectively manage their cybersecurity efforts by themselves. Managed Security Services (MSS) has emerged as a convenient alternative for industrial enterprises to efficiently improve their cybersecurity and gain access to the latest technologies for protecting their OT networks.

Radiflow, a provider of cybersecurity solutions for industrial networks, is now offering a partner program for MSSPs that enables them to offer important OT cybersecurity services to their customers.

Radiflow’s OT MSSP partner program provides the framework for MSSPs to offer cybersecurity services dedicated to ICS/SCADA networks to their industrial enterprise and critical infrastructure customers. Radiflow intends that this new program will help MSSPs accelerate OT cybersecurity adoption among key sectors, such as power generation, renewable energy, water & wastewater management, smart building management, transportation, oil & gas and chemical manufacturing.

Radiflow’s program for OT MSSPs is based on the company’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection System running in the Cloud environment of an MSSP partner. As a starting point, iSID can be utilized by an MSSP as for a network monitoring service that involves building a network topology map of all devices, connections, ports and data traffic flows on an OT network. Another service that can be offered is handling alerts to any changes to the OT network or the connected assets. An MSSP can also use iSID to detect any breech attempts and apply security upgrades to any newly detected devices.

The partner program will benefit MSSPs that already provide IT cybersecurity services and are looking to enter the OT space as well as industrial engineering companies that are interested in expanding their service offerings to include cybersecurity services, explained the company in an official statement.

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