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OSI announces release of OSI Compass

OSI announces release of OSI Compass

May 16, 2018 - At their annual user conference, OpenForum, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) unveiled their product offering: OSI Compass, an operations mobility platform that integrates with OSI’s operations technology (OT) tools for distribution and/or transmission operations.

Incorporating web and mobile technology, OSI Compass is designed to enable utilities to assign work to field technicians, improving safety, communication, documentation, and productivity. Field crews can access real-time network, asset, and outage information using an interface on mobile and hand-held devices that includes configurable map displays, substation one-lines, and real-time tabular displays. They can then deliver real-time status updates and metric reporting from the field to control centers using a variety of handheld or truck-mount devices, including Android-, Apple-, or Microsoft-powered phones, tablets, or field notebooks.