ABB announces release of Freelance 2019 distributed control system (DCS) solution |

ABB announces release of Freelance 2019 distributed control system (DCS) solution

November 282018
ABB announces release of Freelance 2019 distributed control system (DCS) solution

November 28, 2018 - Security is a top priority in the age of Industry 4.0 and enhanced security is one of a range of new features and benefits included in Freelance 2019.

Originally launched in 1994, Freelance is distributed control system (DCS) solution for process industries. It combines the DCS with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC. Freelance 2019 is the latest version of the DCS.

The Freelance suite of solutions comprises Freelance Operations for use at operator level, a scalable process level option, and Freelance Engineering which is used to configure and commission the system including the operator interface.

Freelance 2019 provides an increase in efficiency and usability for its Operations and Engineering solution by adding advanced navigation, filter and sort functionality.

A controller, PM 904F, expands the Freelance AC 900F controller family in the upper range, supporting four communication interfaces. It also provides more application memory and enables the reservation of specific memory. As for all Freelance controllers user applications are 100% runtime-compatible.

Up to four monitors can now be connected to a single operator workplace. The available display types per monitor, as well as the arrangements of the monitors, are configured and fulfill the typical requirements for occupational safety and operator effectiveness. 

Freelance provides an additional alternative to its user management capabilities known as “Security Lock” by a solution called “Extended User Management”. This option makes use of Windows user accounts, supporting both local and domain accounts. As a result typical requests for options such as central password management, rules for password complexity, or password aging can be fulfilled.  

Freelance 2019 can run on Windows 10 and Windows 7 in the same system architecture. This allows customers to do a step-wise upgrade to modern IT infrastructure.

As in earlier versions of Freelance customers have the option of staying automatically up-to-date by subscribing to the Automation Sentinel life cycle program by, for example, providing automatic cyber security patches. 

Available in a range of languages, Freelance takes five minutes to install on any standard computer and can be self-learned. The operator interface enables operation and diagnosis of the entire system and being just one file to back up as the entire application fits on a small memory stick.