Red Lion announces Distrix SDN capability for Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs

Red Lion announces Distrix SDN capability for Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs

May 23, 2017 – Red Lion Controls announced that its Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs and wired routers now offer communication security using Distrix Networks’ software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Distrix’s SDN technology, running on RAM devices, is designed to speed deployment of communication networks between industrial devices and IIoT cloud platforms, and deliver security for remote machine access. Using this solution, organizations can establish secure communications regardless of whether the backhaul medium is cellular or wired.

This enhancement to Red Lion’s RAM products results in security and redundancy, improving on traditional VPN communications that rely on point-to-point tunnels that can be difficult to manage. The addition of SDN technology brings resiliency to legacy serial-based infrastructures as well as present-day IP-based networks.

Distrix software embeds directly on RAM devices, allowing customers to deploy and manage a secure software-defined industrial network. Capabilities include end-to-end tunnel connections without common network security risks and complexity, network redundancy, sensor data enhancement for analytics as well as machine-to-machine process automation.

In addition to cloud integration, RAM products also incorporate an event engine and an integrated I/O database in order to streamline the creation and storage of data tags. The combination of industrial automation capabilities, communication and cloud support provides customers with an IIoT solution.

Red Lion’s RAM products also offer multiple serial and Ethernet ports and optional I/O, Wi-Fi and an active GPS, integrating with existing equipment to monitor and control remote devices. By delivering data visibility, control and real-time notifications on field-deployed equipment and processes via secure network connections, the RAM platform enables organizations to take advantage of the benefits of IIoT.