ABB adds Bluetooth wireless to EMAX circuit breakers

August 042008
ABB adds Bluetooth wireless to EMAX circuit breakers
August 4, 2008 - With increasing emphasis on arc flash protection contrasted with the need for localized data collection from operating circuit breakers, ABB’s new Wireless Communication Modules provide the information you need without having to install a test cord or interface with the trip unit directly. Even when the trip unit cover is sealed, authorized technicians can remotely gather the information they need and make any adjustments required.

Two new Bluetooth enabled communication units are now available from ABB to allow Bluetooth enabled personal digital assistant (PDA) or Bluetooth enabled personal computer to communicate directly with the trip unit wirelessly. Download free SD-Pocket freeware on-line for a PDA or computer at the ABB website to allow the PDA to interrogate trip units from up to fifteen feet from the operating switchgear. If you purchase the external Bluetooth Module (BT030), the software is provided on a memory stick.

With the new Bluetooth enabled device you can perform the following functions:
  • Monitor measurement functions including real time phase currents along with phase voltages and kilowatts when the trip unit is so equipped.
  • Obtain data recorded in the data logger of the PR122 and PR123 trip units. The data logger of these trip units has 8 channels with a sampling rate of 4800 Hz. Therefore, the moments prior to a trip event can be recalled and analyzed.
  • Verify the status of the circuit breaker including number of operations performed, and trip unit settings on the various trip functions.
  • Configure circuit breaker trip settings in your PDA and download them to the trip unit of your choice in a password protected environment. This capability greatly speeds trip unit setting in the field, especially when many circuit breakers must be set with similar characteristics.

    Trip units on ABB’s line of Emax low voltage power circuit breakers offer expansion slots which allow the installation of the specialized communication modules. These modules are an available option for Emax circuit breakers or may be added to the trip unit later by the end user. ABB also offers a selfpowered Bluetooth communication unit for the company’s line of Tmax molded case circuit breaker electronic trip systems. The unit can be pre-installed directly to the test connector on the faceplate of those circuit breakers.

    Now, from ABB, power system communication is easier than ever, adding localized wireless communication to the available Modbus communication for remote monitoring. With ABB you are in complete control. For more information please contact: