Aerotech announces AGC Goniometric cradles

October 012008
Aerotech announces AGC Goniometric cradles
October 1, 2008 - AGC motorized mechanical goniometers are used in applications where 90° of angular travel is needed with the payload at the center of rotation, or where two axes of rotation are needed about a common point. AGC goniometers can be mounted to standard optical tables, as well as standard Aerotech rotary stages, to provide roll, pitch, and yaw about a common 3-axis intersection. Performance includes ±12 arc sec accuracy, ±10 arc sec repeatability, 3.5 arc sec resolution, a maximum speed of 78 degrees/second, and a maximum load of 50 kg. This flexible stage series is ideal for optical alignment, payload tip/tilt, beam steering, sensor calibration, laser applications, automated manufacturing and/or testing, and multi-axis diffractometer systems.

Construction Features
Multiple AGC goniometers can be mounted on one another to form a rotary system with all axes of rotation sharing a common intersection point. This allows compact pitch/roll/yaw systems to be created easily from a standard stage platform and without special adapter plates or mating fixtures. The drive mechanism for AGC stages is a precision gear and matched worm that are preloaded to reduce backlash. All AGC stages include optical limit switches and hard stops to define a ±45° range of travel. Innovative direct feedback technology yields stable performance and negligible performance drift over the life of the stage. This is in stark contrast to other designs that must be continually adjusted to compensate for worm wear. All stage tabletops feature hard coated aluminum, with stainless steel Heli-Coil inserts to prevent thread wear.

Flexible Options
Options include flexible motor selections as well as a direct encoder mounted along the stage travel to offer outstanding repeatability and to minimize hysteresis and backlash. Vacuum-compatible versions, for use in pressures as low as 10-6 torr, are also available.

A Complete Motion Solution
Standard AGC stage configurations feature Aerotech’s brushless servomotors, while stepper and brushed motors are available. Aerotech offers a complete motion solution by offering advanced single and multi-axis motion controllers, linear and PWM drives, calibration and performance documentation, and all accessories necessary for your system.