Allied announces Prosilica GT Cameras

October 102011
Allied announces Prosilica GT Cameras

October 10, 2011 - Allied Vision Technologies introduces Prosilica GT GigE Vision compliant digital cameras specially designed to perform in extreme environments and fluctuating lighting conditions.

Designed to minimize field maintenance by surviving extreme weather events, the Prosilica GT features a rugged thermal housing for maximum heat dissipation, remote temperature feedback with automatic power-down at peak temperatures to prevent critical component damage. Equipped with Ethernet surge suppression technology the Prosilica GT is even designed to withstand a lightning storm. 

The Prosilica GT family features the latest CCD sensor technology including a selection of Sony EXview HAD CCD sensors well known for their high sensitivity and excellent near IR response , and the latest Kodak KAI family sensors that combine high resolution and fast frame rates. Models are available from VGA to 6 Megapixels and up to 119 frames per second at full resolution. 
The Prosilica GT cameras offer new advanced features well suited for outdoor installations such as ITS and traffic monitoring, public security & surveillance, military and space applications as well as industrial inspection and machine vision.

Precise iris lens control allows users to select a fixed F-stop to optimize the depth of field, exposure time and gain, DC Auto iris support enables low cost lens control from the security market, Precision time protocol, IEEE1588 facilitates camera and peripheral device clock synchronization across an Ethernet network, while chunk data offers metadata information with captured images such as gain, exposure or region of interest. Advanced color processing, gamma correction and multiple LUT push applications even further by offloading host processes and allowing users to capture the most suitable image directly out of the camera. High frame rate capability offers burst image capture behavior often required in a targeted event such as a passing vehicle in traffic applications where multiples images of a license plate improve ANPR accuracy.

All GT cameras feature Power over the Ethernet (PoE), a technology that supplies power along with image data through the camera’s Gigabit Ethernet interface without the need for additional cabling. 


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