AMCI announces motion control modules for Allen-Bradley PLCs

AMCI announces motion control modules for Allen-Bradley PLCs

June 7, 2011 - AMCI announces motion contol modules for Allen-Bradley PLCs. Solutions include a 2-axis plug-in module for 1769 CompactLogix  I/O, and a 1-axis module for 1734 Point I/O. The 3602 module plugs directly in the 1769 CompactLogix PAC, and the 3401L plugs into the 1734 Point I/O.  Both of these modules have 24Vdc open collector sinking 200kHz outputs, making them ideal upgrades for applications currently using PTO outputs.   Both the 3401L and 3602 are 100% compatible with Allen Bradley PLCs, and are easy to program using Allen-Bradley’s RSLogix software.

Point I/O 3401L Motion Module
The 3401L modules meet Rockwell Automation’s performance requirements while delivering a great value at under $300 per axis.  AMCI’s 3401L 1-axis motion modules are compatible with all Point I/O network bases (EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, etc.).  The modules feature two discrete inputs, and can control the velocity and position of a stepper motor.  AMCI’s 3401L modules were designed for applications where flexibility and low-cost of ownership are key for successful control system design and operation. 

CompactLogix 3602 Motion module
AMCI’s 3602 2-axis stepper/servo controllers are similar to the 3601 (1-axis controller); with additional features and a low cost of under $450 per axis.  Additional features/capabilities include an additional axis of motion and coordinated linear and circular interpolated commands.  AMCI 3602 modules are easy to program with no extra software required, and offer a wide range of motion commands including registration, jogging/changing speed on the fly, and blend move.  These modules are designed to provide sophisticated stepper control, or a cost effective servo solution.

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