AutomationDirect Fuses, Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks

August 012005
AutomationDirect Fuses, Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks
Do you need an industrial strength electrical fuse?
Check out the low prices on our time-delay and fast-acting electrical fuses.

NEW! Fuses, Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks

AutomationDirect has teamed up with Edison Fuse, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, the worldwide leader in circuit protection, to offer the Edison line of fuses, including fuse holder and fuse block products. Cooper Industries is a $4.1B corporation with seven electrical products divisions, including two fuse brands, along with fuse holders and fuse blocks. The Edison Fuse products are industry-standard fuses that are designed using the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. All Edison fuses can be directly cross referenced and used as replacements for other name-brand fuses such as Littelfuse, Ferraz, Siemens, and many more. See the manufacturer cross reference list in the Technical Info section for this product category on our Web site, or in our free product catalog.

Fuses can be used for a variety of overcurrent and overload applications. They can be used to protect transformers, motors, DC power supplies, lighting circuits, contactors, relays and other industrial and commercial electrical equipment and conductors.

AutomationDirect is pleased to carry the most popular Class CC and Class M general purpose fuses for industrial control applications. The Class CC current limiting fuses, frequently used in applications for small motor branch circuit protection, are available in both time-delay and fast-acting models. Because of their superior current limiting performance, these Class CC products are sometimes regarded as an upgrade to the Class M general purpose fuses. In addition, the CC line is recognized for NEC branch circuit protection and Type 2 coordinated applications for IEC or NEMA starters/contactors.

Where adherence to extensive current limiting codes is not required, a Class M general purpose midget fuse is a great low-cost solution for both time-delay and fast-acting protection.

We have not forgotten the accessories you need: several fuse holder and fuse blocks are available in a variety of 1, 2, and 3 pole form factors.

All fuses are compact in size and offered in boxes of 10 at prices ranging from $7.00 to $50.00 per box.

10 Great Reasons to Use an Electric Fuse

Why use an electric fuse?

Fuses offer a safe and economical solution for overcurrent protection of both conductors and components.
Fuses can help your control systems meet the newest UL and NEC codes.

  • 1. Safety
    Overcurrent protective devices that have tripped are often reset without first investigating the cause of the fault. Electromechanical devices may not have the reserve capacity to open safely when a second or third fault occurs. When a fuse opens it is replaced with a new fuse, so the protection level is not degraded by previous faults.

  • 2. Cost effective
    Fuses typically are the most cost effective means of providing overcurrent protection. This is especially true where high fault currents exist or where small components such as Control Transformers (CPTs) or DC power supplies need protection.

  • 3. Reliability
    Fuses have no moving parts to wear out or become contaminated by dust or oil.

  • 4. North American standards
    Tri-National Standards specify fuse performance and maximum allowable fuse let-thru values.

  • 5. High interrupting rating
    With most low voltage current limiting fuses (less than or equal to 600 volts) having a 200,000 A interrupting rating, you are not paying a high premium for a high interrupting capacity.

  • 6. Component protection
    The high current limiting action of a fuse minimize or eliminates component damage.

  • 7. Extended protection
    Devices with low interrupting ratings are often rendered obsolete by service upgrades or increases in available fault current. New NEC and UL standards are causing the need for potentially expensive system upgrades to non-fused systems.

  • 8. Selectivity
    Fuses can be easily coordinated to provide selectivity under both overload and short circuit conditions.

  • 9. Minimal maintenance
    Fuses do not require periodic recalibration as do some electromechanical overcurrent protective devices.

  • 10. Long life
    As a fuse ages, the speed of response will not slow down or change. A fuse’s ability to provide protection will not be adversely affected by the passing of time.

    AutomationDirect has secured incredible pricing for all our fuses, fuse holders and fuse blocks, and has passed those savings on to you. Many items are priced well below industry list prices, making fuse protection a beneficial and affordable option for almost every electrical device.

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