Baumer introduces PBMN Pressure Transmitter with flush connection

Baumer introduces PBMN Pressure Transmitter with flush connection

March 11, 2011 - Baumer’s pressure transmitter PBMN features a flush connection available in several standard dimensions such as G½ and G1. Due to its full stainless steel construction without elastomer seals the PBMN is highly resistant to a wide range of media. The flush connection ensures that no residues of the measured medium remain inside the process connection, making it particularly suitable for pressure measurement in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The PBMN with flush connection covers measuring ranges from -100…100 mbar to 0…400 bar and is available in accuracy classes of 0.1 % F.S., 0.25 % F.S., and 0.5 % F.S. The rugged pressure transmitter offers active temperature compensation and can be used in media temperatures from -40…+150 °C when using the optional cooling neck. This makes it particularly qualified for applications requiring accuracy over a wide temperature range. Furthermore, the PBMN is very resistant against vibration, shocks, and bumps. Depending on the connection type, it complies with protection class IP65 or IP67.

The total combined error of the PBMN amounts to < 0.4 % F.S. Its long-term stability is 0.1 % F.S. Selectable output signals include 4…20 mA as well as different types of voltage. With Baumer’s programming device FlexProgrammer 9701, the PBMN can be configured both from a PC workstation and on site.