Baumer introduces SCATEC sensor for printing

August 122010
Baumer introduces SCATEC sensor for printing
August 12, 2010 - Specifically designed for use in large-scale printing operations, Baumer's SCATEC sensor accurately counts newspapers transported via conveyor clamps or grippers. The non-contact SCATEC Clamp Sensor uses laser optics and a unique internal algorithm to count the number of documents in a clamp, and can detect whether there are none, one, two or more copies in one gripper.

The sensor measures documents as thick as 0.25 mm at sensing ranges up to 120 mm. Documents traveling at speeds up to 5 m/s can be accurately detected. The SCATEC Clamp Sensor is easy to mount parallel to the conveyor stream and is insensitive to the changing color or reflectivity of printed materials. A visible red laser beam allows for easy alignment.

The SCATEC Clamp Sensor features a very compact 50 x 110 mm housing that includes a synchronization sensor input connector. This connector can be used to power an additional photoelectric or inductive sensor to allow easy integration between the copy counter and the machine’s operating cycle.

Using the optional ScaDiag software, the clamp sensor can be programmed quickly and reliably using saved empirical values. The software can be used to record measuring sequences and save them for review or use them for remote error diagnosis and process optimization.