BEI Kimco Announces tiny Model LA05-05-000A actuator

December 222010
BEI Kimco Announces tiny Model LA05-05-000A actuator

December 22, 2010 - BEI Kimco Magnetics announced the Model LA05-05-000A. The actuator measures only 0.5" in diameter by 0.5" in length at mid-stroke, approximately 0.5" smaller than typical models on the market. This size reduction offers engineers a new solution in meeting tight packaging constraints for military, medical and industrial applications.

The miniature actuator provides outstanding performance characteristics including a force of 2.5ozf, a total stroke of 1.02 mm, and an actuator constant of 1.04 N/sqrt (watt).

The actuator features direct drive, hysteresis-free and cog-free operation while delivering high-acceleration and infinite position resolution, particularly important in mission critical applications where precision is paramount.

The LA05-05-000A Cylindrical Voice Coil Actuator is priced in the $90's each in small production quantities with delivery in 8-10 weeks.

BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuators have been used successfully in countless applications from high-end Industrial to Military and Aerospace to Medical applications. The ability to provide high performance solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer has allowed BEI Kimco to fulfill many challenging requirements.