B&R announces custom designs for operator interface panels

B&R announces custom designs for operator interface panels

March 16, 2011 - B&R offers a free online tool, Panel Designer, that allows users to creatively design the exterior surface of their operator interface panels. In just a few simple steps, machine manufacturers and end users can quickly and easily implement their unique corporate designs or experiment with completely new ideas. Guided by an intuitive interface, it only takes the user a few clicks and some creativity to turn the standard display exterior into a individually designed panel. From the smallest visualization panel to the largest B&R Panel PC, custom layouts can be designed and downloaded within just a few minutes.

Intuitive user guidance

Once a particular operator panel is selected from the range of available products, the user has a nearly endless supply of design and arrangement options to choose from. In addition to choosing a background color, uploading a company logo and assigning individual buttons, different fonts can be selected in any size and color to achieve the desired result. Once completed, the layout design is saved as a PDF file. It is then possible to get a quote from B&R.  In addition, the B&R design team stands ready to provide support on request at any time during the design phase.

B&R company profile
B&R is a privately-held supplier of automation technology to the manufacturing sector, founded in 1979.  B&R employs 2,300 employees worldwide and has an exceptional global presence with more than 162 sales offices in over 68 countries.  B&R Industrial Automation, Inc. North America is based in Atlanta, GA, has and has a network of more than 20 offices throughout the USA and Canada..