CimQuest INGEAR announces USB license key

February 072010
CimQuest INGEAR announces USB license key

February 7, 2010 - CimQuest INGEAR announced a USB license key (dongle) that makes it very easy for users to move developmental licenses between computers. The key is available as an option for developer editions of CimQuest's NET.LOGIX, NET.ABLINK, NET.MBLINK and NET.GELINK class libraries.

The CimQuest USB license keys are programmed with developmental license information for any INGEAR.NET software title a user may own. They are small, non-intrusive dongles that plug into any available USB port to activate software for immediate use. They enable modification and debugging of runtime deployed applications without the need to register or activate a software-based license. The keys support Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, without need of system-level drivers required for either maintenance or operation.

To manage the process, CimQuest has added an "either/or" license dimension to installed INGEAR.NET software. On launch, the INGEAR.NET library first attempts to locate a key and, if it finds one, ignores the software-based license, regardless of whether the software-based license is developer or runtime deployment. If it does not detect a key, it defaults to the software-base license.

The INGEAR USB License Keys are priced at $100 plus shipping and available immediately, exclusively from CimQuest INGEAR. Buyers of NET.LOGIX, NET.ABLINK, NET.MBLINK and NET.GELINK runtime versions, can order a key at the time of purchase. Current INGEAR.NET users who are eligible for software updates and support, either through a recent or an active Maintenance/Subscription plan, qualify to obtain the USB License Key for the cost of the key. Users whose software updates and support programs have lapsed must purchase a new Maintenance/Subscription Plan in order to be eligible to buy a USB Key. INGEAR.NET licenses can be obtained or upgraded via email.

Buyers can add multiple INGEAR.NET licenses on the same key without purchasing additional USB keys. Compact Framework Editions of INGEAR.NET are not supported by the key.