Clear Automation Announces Automated Label Applicator System

June 1, 2011, Clear Automation announced its 100 parts per minute label applicator system,  designed to handle the application of labels to liquid cosmetic bottles. The system features a Fanuc robot, Herma labeler and a graphical touch-screen human machine interface (HMI).

This system allows a manufacturer to apply labels at various stations along the travel of the indexer.  A label is applied, a batch code is laser etched and the batch code is vision inspected for readability and accuracy at a speed of 100 parts per minute.

Bottles travel to the cell along a conveyor, upright in pucks. The pucks are fed into the cell by a servo-driven screw that spreads them to match the pitch of a linear indexer. A robot picks them from the pucks and lays them horizontally onto the indexer. Bottles that fail the inspection are ejected from the indexer into a bin. Good bottles are ejected onto a conveyor to travel downstream to packaging.