Computing Solutions announces tool to manage noncompliance LIMS records

January 082007
EVANSVILLE, Ind. (January 8, 2007) – Computing Solutions announces the addition of a Noncompliance Record (NR) management tool with the release of LabSoft LIMS v8.08.

The LabSoft LIMS NR tool is used to efficiently manage Noncompliance Records. It provides a method to focus on the root-cause(s) of an NR and determine the reasons, circumstances and responsible parties.

Functionality of the NR tool includes the ability to:
  • Store and view all related documents of an NR.
  • Automatically send Notifications and E-mails.
  • Configure additional data collection fields.
  • Link NRs to the Quality Data in LabSoft LIMS.
  • Access the data entered in an NR with other LabSoft LIMS tools.

    The Noncompliance Record management tool is a core feature available in LabSoft LIMS.

    Founded in 1984, Computing Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. LabSoft LIMS was first installed at a large plant in 1989, and it quickly spread because of the rich feature set and usability. LabSoft LIMS continues to be a favorite for Chemical, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical and Manufacturing facilities. LabSoft LIMS is wholly owned by Computing Solutions, Inc.