Control Microsystems announces SCADAPack 330 and 334 controllers

Control Microsystems announces SCADAPack 330 and 334 controllers
June 30, 2008 – Control Microsystems released two additions to the SCADAPack series of advanced controllers, the SCADAPack 330 and SCADAPack 334.

Based on the latest generation SCADAPack 300 series platform these new controllers continue to offer the same flexible I/O options as the original SCADAPack lineup. Additionally the SCADAPack 330/334 controllers are housed in the smallest footprint of the series, enabling compact mounting enclosures for applications where space is at a premium. And just like the existing 300 series controllers these units are programmed with TelePACE ladder logic, ISaGRAF (IEC61131-3) and C/C++, and support up to 32 independent C++ applications.

The SCADAPack 330/334 is designed with power conservation in mind, making it a great choice for applications that require low power operation in tandem with a varied mix of analog and digital I/O and multiple communication ports. Compared to its predecessor the original SCADAPack, the 330/334 consumes up to 50% less power.

The single board SCADAPack 330 comes with 3 counter inputs (including two turbine meter inputs) and an internal analog input measuring incoming power supply voltage for solar applications. The SCADAPack 334 comes with a lower I/O board that offers an extra 16 digital inputs, 10 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. As with all SCADAPacks the products support the integration of any of Control Microsystems’ Series 5000 I/O expansion modules.

The SCADAPack 330/334 uses industry-standard Modbus and DNP3 serial protocols as well as Modbus TCP and UDP-based Ethernet protocols.

These products are available for order today.

“We expect these products to be very popular in the marketplace,” said Dale Symington, VP Product Strategy. “They are powerful, compact, and cost-effective with 32-bit processing, high speed LAN and advanced power-saving features. We are also really proud of the fact that the SCADAPack 300s are the first RTUs to offer the capability of data logging to USB mass storage devices.”

About Control Microsystems:
Control Microsystems is a global supplier of automation products for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and is the world’s largest, privately held SCADA products company. Founded in 1980 Control Microsystems leads the industry in the development and manufacture of innovative products including the SCADAPack™ advanced controller series, the SCADASense™ intelligent sensors series and the lineup of SCADAWave™ data radio products. The company also offers ClearSCADA™, the state-of-the-art SCADA host system that provides open architecture for use in any application. All Control Microsystems products are engineered for installation in harsh, unattended environments and are used around the world in municipal water and wastewater automation, natural gas and crude oil production, gathering, and pipeline automation and a wide variety of other industrial automation applications.