Dresser Masoneilan introduces 12400 Series level transmitter/controller

January 252010
January 25, 2010 – Dresser Masoneilan announced the 12400 Series, an instrument that integrates level transmitter, controller and switch functions in a single device. Designed for use in the refining, petrochemical and energy industries, the 12400 Series incorporates an industry-leading set of features into a highly reliable and efficient instrument.

The 12400 Series combines level measurement, global level loop control and low- and high-level switch functions into a single instrument, virtually eliminating the need for additional level switches and controllers. With a combination of features, such as smart filtering, HART communication protocol compatibility and an optional 4-20mA analogue output signal, the 12400 Series offers process control for a wide range of applications, including severe service. It is easy to install and operate and is engineered for optimum efficiency, upgradeability and reliability.

The 12400 Series offers powerful control functionality and delivers optimum efficiency for simplified ownership and operations. Benefits of the 12400 Series include:
  • Compliance – Meets SIL2 compliance (pending) and is certified in full hazardous areas, including ATEX, IECEx, FM and FMc/CSA.
  • Severe Service Capable – Withstands high temperature, high pressure and demanding NACE applications.
  • Flexibility – Meets most installation requirements and accommodates most process structures through top, side or bottom connections and full horizontal plane rotation.
  • Accuracy – Reduces unwanted oscillations through smart filtering without changing response speeds, and the frictionless sensor offers 0.1 percent measurement resolution.
  • Stability – Stabilizes surface turbulence and foam inside a chamber so the displacer is not impeded and process fluid agitation does not affect measurement.
  • Reliable Data – Records and stores recent data continuously in non-volatile memory for dependable access in the event of power failure.