Easy upgrades of Allen-Bradley PLC Systems

August 172007
Easy upgrades of Allen-Bradley PLC Systems
SoftPLC makes it easy to upgrade your A-B PLC systems

Continuing to use obsolete Allen-Bradley equipment is costly - not only due to spare parts costs, but also in reduced productivity because of the proprietary communication network limitations, memory limits, and other limits found in older technology.

SoftPLC is the only product that provides a smooth, inexpensive upgrade path for users of Allen-Bradley PLC equipment - in many cases, better than A-B can do!

If you have a control system using the original PLC (1774 Series), PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC-500, or MicroLogix you can easily retrofit the system to a SoftPLC based system - with minimal re-engineering or disruption to your business.

In many cases, the original I/O racks/modules, field wiring, and HMI/SCADA can be left intact or require only minimal changes. Then, over time, you can retrofit other parts of the system as it makes sense to do so. With SoftPLC's open architecture, you have a lot of options, both with today's technology and future technologies!

In other cases, based on the age and configuration of the A-B equipment, it may be more cost effective to convert the logic and documentation but replace the A-B hardware.

SoftPLC has on staff engineers that used to work for A-B, and others that have many years of experience with A-B PLC products. We have converted hundreds of A-B PLC systems, providing customers with SoftPLC based control systems, giving them more functionality, with minimal engineering, at the lowest cost possible.