Emerson announces DL8000 Preset Controller for liquid custody transfer

January 072008
Emerson announces DL8000 Preset Controller for liquid custody transfer
HOUSTON, TEXAS (January 7, 2008) Emerson Process management introduces the DL8000 microprocessor-based batch delivery controller to meet increasingly high industry standards for accuracy and integrity. DL8000 is the next generation of the DanLoad line of Preset Controllers, designed to resolve batch control requirements for liquid custody transfer applications.

Changing industry standards, the high cost of hydrocarbon products, and the need to manage operation costs fuel the new technology. Preset controllers accurately set the amount of liquid to be delivered and loaded into a truck, railcar, or ship, and control the valves and pumps to load the liquid while monitoring critical circuits to ensure safe loading. These processes must all meet standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The API continually updates its measurement standards and Emerson improves its products to help our customers keep in step.

With the high price of oil, other liquid hydrocarbon products, and chemicals, precise measurement of delivered quantities for revenue metering is more critical than ever. The accuracy of the DL8000 is enhanced with the capability for double-precision math computations supplied by Emerson's high performing Fisher ROC-Series remote operations controller technology. This not only satisfies API requirements, but also provides extremely accurate measurement and reliable control, local or remote.

Because hydrocarbons expand and contract with changes in temperature and pressure, converting the flow measurement to standard conditions provides a more accurate measurement. The DL8000 calculates flow for custody transfer using average measured product flow rates, measured temperature, pressure, and density to achieve a measurement of flow at standard conditions. This conversion capability provides potential savings of million of dollars over time.

The DL8000 is easy to configure for different batch loading applications using ROCLINKT800 software and is fully programmable for PLC tasks using FST (Function Sequence Tables) or any of the languages defined by IEC Standard 61131-3, including ladder logic, structured text, function block diagrams, instruction list, or sequential function chart language. Connectivity of the DL8000 to Emerson's DeltaV Process Control Systems with ROConnect enables the customer to drive maximum benefit, performing remote device diagnostics using Emerson's AMS Suite predictive maintenance software. This improves productivity and reduces maintenance cost.

Learn more about the DL8000 and other Remote Automation Solutions from Emerson Process Management at www.EmersonProcess.com/Remote.

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