Emerson announces RCS Microcor wireless corrosion transmitter

October 012007
Emerson announces RCS Microcor wireless corrosion transmitter
AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 1, 2007) - Emerson Process Management and Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) of Santa Fe Springs, California, are jointly introducing the new RCS Microcor Wireless Transmitter for high-speed communication of corrosion rate data. The new transmitter is the culmination of more than a year of cooperative development and testing between Emerson, a global leader in wireless solutions for the process industries, and RCS, the market leader in corrosion monitoring products and services for the process industries.

The new RCS wireless corrosion transmitter integrates with Emerson's Smart Wireless offerings. Corrosion information from the Microcor device is available for use in the automation system where it can be logged, trended, and analyzed along with other process information. Corrosion data is also available in AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software, widely used in the process industries for device configuration, calibration, and documentation and predictive diagnostics. This extends the predictive diagnostics coverage of AMS Suite to corrosion, enabling a predictive approach by users that reduces maintenance costs, prevents unexpected shutdowns, and optimizes plant assets.

The wireless corrosion device is based on RCS's Microcor technology and will provide corrosion rates in any process media at speeds approaching real time. Real time corrosion rates can be used by operators to detect a spike in corrosion, control inhibitor injection, and correlate with other process data for root cause analysis to reduce operating costs, extend asset life, and extend the time between shut-downs.

The RCS wireless transmitter will work as a node in a self-organizing network with other Emerson Smart Wireless devices, or it can be configured as a part of an independent network of corrosion monitors. Smart Wireless solutions are an extension of Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant architecture that integrates the highly reliable wireless data with DeltaV and Ovation digital automation systems and AMS Suite predictive maintenance solutions.

"We have chosen to work with industry leading suppliers to develop wireless field devices that are both best-in-class and meet open standards," said Craig Llewellyn, president of Emerson's Asset Optimization Division. "RCS fits this profile and is fully committed to the WirelessHART standard, which we support. Users of Emerson's PlantWeb architecture and the AMS Suite can take advantage of predictive intelligence from third party devices that best meet their operating needs."

"We see wireless corrosion solutions as the ideal response to unique process challenges, particularly in the oil and gas industries where the reservoirs in mature fields are yielding an increasing cut of water and other corrosive compounds," said Brent Ford, CEO of Rohrback Cosasco. "The assets through which these materials flow are often aging, susceptible to corrosion, and not easily adapted to hard-wired online systems. The ideal solution to prevent failures due to corrosion in this environment incorporates wireless corrosion transmitters working in conjunction with a reliable data transmission and processing system like Emerson's Smart Wireless."

Emerson's Smart Wireless solution is an extension of the PlantWeb digital plant architecture, combining highly reliable, smart monitoring devices with wireless transmitters in an innovative self-organizing mesh network that automatically adapts as device points are added or removed, or obstructions encountered. The network, which uses Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol (TSMP) technology, has been extensively tested in real-world environments.

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