Emerson introduces DeltaV InSight control performance software

Emerson introduces DeltaV InSight control performance software
DeltaV InSight enables users to optimize loop tuning across the entire control system

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 5, 2007) - Emerson Process Management has announced the availability of the DeltaV InSight integrated control performance software as part of DeltaV version 9.3 release. DeltaV InSight is an integrated application used to monitor, analyze, diagnose, and improve control loop performance.

The Insight application includes all the basic monitoring and tuning capability of its predecessor products, DeltaV Tune and DeltaV Inspect, plus advanced diagnostics and adaptive tuning capabilities made possible with embedded learning algorithms.

Process manufacturers each year lose capacity and quality due to process variability and poor performance of their control loops. Users are often unable to properly maintain each of the hundreds of control loops and instruments in their facilities. DeltaV InSight makes it easy to improve process control by monitoring control performance; identifying and diagnosing problem loops; recommending tuning and maintenance improvements; and continuously adapting to changing process conditions.

DeltaV InSight automatically learns users' processes with embedded learning algorithms running at the controller level and develops process models based on day-to-day operations. These models allow users to identify operational benchmarks, diagnose problems and calculate optimum loop tuning across the entire control system. The InSight application highlights poorly performing loops automatically, permitting users' attention to be focused just where needed.

A single user interface provides seamless transition between loop diagnostics and tuning. DeltaV InSight is an embedded application and requires no separate installation, integration or configuration. The InSight application automatically recognizes all of the input, output and control blocks in the system and automatically recognizes new blocks as they are added.

DeltaV InSight is part of Emerson's broad range of embedded advanced control software applications that power the PlantWeb digital plant architecture to improve plant efficiency by 2% and more through delivering asset optimization, process automation, and management execution. Further cost savings, increased plant availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved with the PlantWeb architecture.

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