Emerson offers upgraded CPUs for Bristol Network 3000 RTUs

Emerson offers upgraded CPUs for Bristol Network 3000 RTUs
WATERTOWN, CONN. (April 12, 2007) -- Upgrade CPUs provide a migration path from the installed base of Bristol Network 3000 RTUs to the company's Bristol ControlWave remote automation system. The cost effective migration is made by replacing installed Network 3000 CPUs with the new upgrade CW_35 and CW_31CPUs.

Introduced in 1990, Bristol Network 3000 featured the 3335 RTU and 3331 I/O expansion rack that have retained their status as the RTU of choice by many loyal customers. However, with the growing popularity of the Bristol ControlWave, the latest generation hybrid PLC/RTU products, customers have expressed interest in an inexpensive migration path to allow them to realize all of the benefits of the new ControlWave technology without replacing their entire system for SCADA applications.

The new CW_35 and CW_31CPU products are intended to offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the Bristol ControlWave architecture, allowing existing Network 3000 customers to maintain their investment in I/O, wiring, communication infrastructure and application program development. The new CPUs are direct replacements for the CPUs in the 3335 RTU and 3331 I/O rack.

Customers can easily remove the existing CPU and communication cards and replace them with the new ControlWave architecture cards. The new CPUs support all commonly used analog, discrete and counter I/O cards, as well as modems and radios currently installed in the RTUs. Communication compatibility is maintained through the same use of BSAP and Modbus protocols.

In order to preserve most of the installed base owners' program development done with Bristol's ACCOL language, the ACCOL Translator utility will allow application program conversion to ControlWave Designer IEC 1131 Structured Text. For most applications, the ACCOL Translator will reduce the conversion effort by up to 80% vs. rewriting the program.

The ControlWave architecture offers several advantages over existing 3335/3331s including increased compatibility with industry standards such as IEC 61131-3 programming, Ethernet, IP and FTP communication, support for 56 bit encrypted User Name/Password security sign-on and multiple user access levels. It also offers much greater execution speed, lower power consumption and a larger and more flexible memory model.

Emerson's Bristol ControlWave Designer programming software is compliant with the IEC 61131-3 international standard for PLC programming. Designer supports all five IEC 61131-3 programming languages and is enhanced with a powerful library of ACCOL III process control function blocks allowing the use of a single controller for logic, process control functions, measurement, calculations and data storage. Engineers can also develop their own reusable function blocks, further reducing engineering time and cost.

These capabilities are further enhanced with time stamped alarming and historical archive storage within the RTU to provide maximum data integrity. This data is automatically recovered following a communication failure.

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