Emerson upgrades X-STREAM oxygen analyzers for hazardous duty

Emerson upgrades X-STREAM oxygen analyzers for hazardous duty
March 4, 2009 – Emerson Process Management enhanced its Rosemount Analytical X-STREAM Oxygen Analyzers and attained certification for hazardous areas, now offering capability to refining and petrochemical facilities that require Class I Zone I and ATEX Exd IIB approvals. Better analysis of flue gases exiting the combustion process permits plant operators to improve the efficiencies of large boilers and process heater furnaces, and also provides immediate reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with minimal investment.

These analyzers provide information to control the fuel-to-air ratio in furnace burners, much in the same way it’s done on today’s automobiles. The X-STREAM O2 probe offers improved AccuMaxTM accuracy specifications, extended temperature capability, and now offers FM, CSA, and ATEX approvals for hazardous areas.

Large process heater furnaces often burn waste fuel gases from different areas within a facility, and the BTU value of these waste fuels can vary significantly from day to day, and hour to hour. A reliable reading of oxygen permits the operator to fine tune his combustion fuel-air ratio despite changes in fuel BTU and air density going into the burners.

The X-STREAM line of combustion O2 probes offer long life in this difficult service, and are now designed to be repaired without removing the probe from the furnace duct. Additionally, they can provide indication of reducing conditions that may occur inside the furnace during plant upsets.

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