EPLAN Fluid: Advanced CAE for fluid power design

EPLAN Fluid: Advanced CAE for fluid power design

EPLAN Fluid – Professional fluid power engineering

For many years, generic CAD tools were the fluid power engineer’s only choice – even after electricial and mechanical engineers had their own discipline-specific systems. Now, fluid power engineers can improve the efficiency of their hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and cooling designs with EPLAN Fluid – a complete engineering automation product created specifically for fluid power. EPLAN Fluid comes with unique intelligent functions and automatic features that allow users to complete projects much faster and produce higher quality documentation than they can using CAD tools.

EPLAN Fluid benefits include:

  • fast, automatic and intelligent connections of all components even when changes are made;
  • powerful parts management and customizable reports specific to fluid engineering;
  • automatic creation of documentation such as parts, spare parts, wearing parts, hose, tube, and piping lists;
  • easy configurability for pneumatics, hydraulics, cooling or lubrication, with separate reports for each discipline.


Inter-disciplinary engineering, where engineers from disciplines like electrical and fluid power can collaborate in real time rather than guess at each other’s intent, is far more productive and produces the best quality outcomes. EPLAN Fluid seamlessly integrates with EPLAN Electric P8 to facilitate collaboration between electrical and fluid engineering. Electrical and fluid engineers can work simultaneously on the same project, even at different locations, even in different languages.  EPLAN maintains intelligent cross references between the components in fluid power designs and the associated electrical elements in EPLAN Electric P8, so all users can instantly view the changes made by others.  EPLAN Fluid is available as an add-on module to EPLAN Electric P8 or as a standalone product.


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