Euresys releases Picolo image acquisition cards

November 062011
Euresys releases Picolo image acquisition cards

November 6, 2011 - Euresys releases two PCI Express x1 versions of PAL/NTSC image acquisition cards. The two PCI Express cards are fully interchangeable with their PCI equivalents.

Picolo PCIe acquires one or two composite or one S-Video video signals. The Picolo PCIe is equipped with four TTL I/O lines and four video connectors: a BNC, an S-Video connector, a DB9 and an internal 10-pin header. Its small PCB size is compliant with the low-profile format and the card is delivered with a low-profile and a standard-profile bracket. This entry-level capture card is ideal for cost-sensitive single-camera applications in the fields of machine vision, access control, video security and medical imaging.

Picolo Pro 2 PCIe video capture cards targets simple video surveillance applications. It captures using quick-switching up to 4 composite video signals through standard BNC connectors. TTL I/O lines are provided for easy system integration.