EVT introduces SemiCheck vision sensor

EVT introduces SemiCheck vision sensor

May 17, 2011 - EVT introduces SemiCheck sensor. The sensor, complete with the ChipControl command set, was developed especially for the semiconductor industry. In the very compact body (65 x 158 x 98 mm) the complete evaluation software, lens and lighting is included. The system is equipped with an extremely powerful processor, which can be used even for challenging tasks and which can reach cycle times that are clearly below 100 msec. The integrated interface allow a direct coupling to the machine via 24V interface.

The software package ChipControl, which is based on the EyeVision software, was developed especially for the semiconductor industry. With the graphical commands for the various tasks the parametrization is a piece of cake. For the different tasks the following special commands are available:

Mark and Surface Inspection
Pin 1 Inspection
InTape Inspection
Lead Inspection
2D In Tape Inspection
3D Lead Coplanarity Inspection LCI
Incoming Material Inspection
Wire Check Inspection
Wafer and Bluetape alignment
Wafer ID Reading
Dambar Inspection

Therefore one only has to select the appropriate command and to fill in the parameters for the component part, which should be inspected. The sensor can undertake the inspection in the inspection plant autonomously in no time.

For the various component shapes such as THT, SMD, QFT, SOT, BGA, SOIC, SOP, TSOP, TSSOP and different tasks, the system is available with diverse lighting systems, which can be screwed on directly. For very demanding inspections such as surface inspection, various sensors are available. So, an optimal sensor adaption for nearly every component part can be realized.

If the sensor is integrated into the machine, not only the OK or NOK signal are at the user's command but also all evaluation results up to the image data can be transferred via the integrated Ethernet interface.

To get an overview over the sensors and the sensor data, the EyeView protocol is integrated into the sensors. With the protocol the images and overlay data can be transferred to a controlling computer. With the additionally available EyeView.DLL a visualization of up to 16 cameras on one monitor can be carried out easily. The easy-to-handle design of the overall result – either in red or in green frames – gives the user an overview over all inspection systems of the plant immediately. Just click onto the image and the evaluation displayed in detail.

Each sensor is equipped with a quite big on-board Flash memory, so that even complex and various inspections can be saved on the sensor and also can be activated directly via command from the controlling computer.

The on smart technologies based SemiCheck sensor with the powerful software modules, the maintenance costs as well as the inspection costs can be reduced considerably.

Thanks to the standardized type of construction, a change of sensors can be carried out with only a few simple touches. With the auto-update-routines of the software, the host computer can automatically transfer the inspection routine to a new sensor and so the sensor and the plant are ready for use in no time.

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