FIPA introduces electromagnetic vacuum valve

November 112008
FIPA introduces electromagnetic vacuum valve
November 11, 2008 - Suction, release. To do this reliably, easily and in very short clock cycles – a vacuum cup is only as fast as the corresponding switch allows it to be. It is precisely for this purpose that the new electromagnetic valves of FIPA Inc. are used: Depending on the configuration and design one either emphasizes on the price with respect to the utilization or focuses on the maximum flexibility and life.

The challenges of “Pick & Place” faced by vacuum technology are primarily aimed at entire systems during the course of their implementation. And these work in a very classical manner based on the principle: The performance is established by the entire solution and each and every individual component. Accordingly, the development department in FIPA thus focuses substantially on even the individual components of the vacuum supply system apart from the application itself.

Using the globe valves of the 200 series vacuum cups are switched using 3/2-way design (vacuum/ventilate) – the support of the electromagnetic controller by compressed air leads to an effect that is known in servo control: Handling is easier – the switching times are shorter. Low weight and optimized enclosure shape finally contribute to making the 200 series a cost-effective option for providing the switching requirements of vacuum supply systems (up to 0-2 bar absolute).

The four variants of the valve series 400 were designed and implemented by FIPA specialists with the focus on demanding applications. Thanks to the coaxial design these components have ten times the life of conventional globe valves, and moreover, they are capable of sustaining a pressure up to 16 bars.

Those who opt for a 400 series valve have the benefit of maximum flexibility with respect to the scope and range of applications: Since the vacuum supply system can be constructed in a manner that is entirely relieved of the pressure, the allocation and size of compressed air and vacuum systems have no impact on the function and the switching times.

It goes without saying that the electromagnetic valves are compatible with the modularly structured system of FIPA – with the benefit: The various components compatible with one another can be assembled together to meet one’s requirements in a flexible manner and with savings in terms of both cost and time. The FIPA specialists are at your disposal to provide professional consultation so that you have the best possible solution to meet your specific requirements.