FIPA releases Heavy-duty spring levelers for vacuum cups

November 292010
FIPA releases Heavy-duty spring levelers for vacuum cups
November 29, 2010 - FIPA announces a heavy-duty spring leveler that are rust-free with stainless steel shanks and plastic sliding bearings, making them particularly suited for use in rough conditions.

The heavy-duty spring levelers, attached directly to the vacuum cup, offset height differences. Particularly for powerful applications with high dynamics, for example when handling glass plates in the automotive industry, they reduce the pressure on the handled item. The spring levelers absorb this pressure in a controlled manner and thus allow for a gentle touch down of the vacuum cup on the work-piece - for a gentle handling of delicate products.

Wear resistant, no matter how fast or hard it gets
Due to the particular quality of the pushrods made from rust-free stainless steel and high-quality plastic sliding bearings, the heavy-duty spring levelers are wear resistant and robust. Thus, a long product life is guaranteed even with heavy use and very short cycle times in Pick & Place.

Though the three levels of the stroke that can be selected as desired, the heavy-duty spring levelers can also be flexibly adjusted to the application.

FIPA covers a comprehensive range of spring levelers with a broad application spectrum in vacuum technology. The spring-loaded levelers are available for all vacuum cups from the standard range of products with a modular principle. Depending on the product type, its stroke goes from 7 to 84 millimeters. There are also gradations of the connections depending on the version. Thus, FIPA has the optimal spring leveler available for nearly every application use.
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