FKI Logistex introduces multilingual interface for BOSS control system

FKI Logistex introduces multilingual interface for BOSS control system
ST. LOUIS: June 9, 2008 - FKI Logistex released a multilingual interface for its BOSS PC-based control system. The new interface, which easily adapts to multiple languages and dialects, enables companies to address the needs of an increasingly multicultural workforce.

The FKI Logistex BOSS system is a PC-based control solution for automated material handling applications. BOSS combines machine control, data collection, system diagnostics, host integration, material flow management and HMI (Human Machine Interface) into a single software package that includes extensive diagnostics, data collection, system configuration and productivity monitoring tools.

The new interface allows users to log in to BOSS and view system status, alarms and performance information in their native language, reducing support complexity and training needs. Users can select a language preference when logging on, or switch dynamically between languages without having to log off. The multilingual interface automatically accounts for language-specific variables, such as units of measurement, date and time format, and numeric formats, enabling accurate interpretation of information.

The multilingual interface can be used with all new BOSS systems and can support a virtually unlimited number of translations simultaneously. BOSS can be implemented with required languages and easily reconfigured in the future to support additional languages as the workforce changes. In addition to U.S. English, UK English, German, Spanish and French, BOSS also supports languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and others that require multibyte encoding of character sets.

FKI Logistex has a library of French, Spanish and English translations that include regional dialects, and is currently implementing systems with multilingual interfaces in Canada to support French Canadian and U.S. English, and in Mexico to support Mexican Spanish and U.S. English. BOSS users can provide their own translations or work with translation specialists to easily customize the interface to meet the specific language needs of their own workforce.

"As we talk to customers, we find they are faced with more and more linguistically diverse workforces," said Jerry Koch, product director of software and controls for FKI Logistex. "The BOSS multilingual interface is a very valuable tool for companies seeking increased DC efficiency and accuracy. The BOSS system was already innovative in its approach to system control, allowing all the necessary software to be integrated to provide peak efficiency. Now, with its multilingual capabilities, operations with multicultural workforces can enjoy the benefits of such integration."

About FKI Logistex
FKI Logistex is a leading global provider of automated material handling solutions, supplying its customers with an integrated set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, robotic and conventional palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order fulfillment systems, RFID implementation, EDS integration, baggage handling systems, warehouse control systems, and total material handling automation.

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