FleetwoodGoldcoWyard introduces AMBEC Baseblow Air Conveyor

FleetwoodGoldcoWyard introduces AMBEC Baseblow Air Conveyor
May 9, 2010 - FleetwoodGoldcoWyard revealed its AMBEC Baseblow Air Conveyor. This conveyor utilizes air, along with louver patterns in the air deck, to convey a variety of containers, including metal cans, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, caps, pucks, boxes and more.

Although each application is unique, metal cans can be typically conveyed at speeds of 2,000 CPM while PET or HDPE bottles typically are transferred at 500 BPM.

Characteristic to its design, the AMBEC Baseblow Air Conveyor requires minimal maintenance as compared to a mechanical conveyor. The unique design of the conveyor allows containers to remain upright so there are no downed containers, and the lightning-fast gap-makeup capability allows for condensed layouts or increased accumulation.

Optional features include rapid adjust hold-downs, auto-adjust rails for quick changeover, customized louver patterns, and transfers to and from a mechanical conveyor.

For companies wishing to test out their products on the AMBEC Baseblow Air Conveyor, FleetwoodGoldcoWyard has developed a test loop system. Tests can be captured on video for review by the client.

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