GE announces MDS SD9 long range radio

September 232009
GE announces MDS SD9 long range radio

September 23, 2009 - GE Digital Energy announces the MDS SD9, an industrial wireless solution that provides long distance communications over licensed radio bands and allows users to easily interface with both IP/Ethernet and serial controllers. This industrially hardened 900 MHz wireless data acquisition solution supports flexible, reliable, secure and efficient data transmission.

By supporting IP/Ethernet and serial communication, the SD9 helps utility, oil and gas companies increase the efficiency and flexibility of their communication systems and manage their migration from serial to IP/Ethernet effectively, while improving productivity and security at the same time. The MDS SD9 is ideal for a wide variety of data acquisition and SCADA applications such as monitoring and controlling pole-top transformers; reclosers and capacitor banks for utilities; pumps, compressors and flow meters in oil and gas production; and remote PLCs and measurement devices in water, wastewater and heavy industrial markets.

The MDS SD9 solution dramatically increases network flexibility with options that provide users with the ability to implement IP/Ethernet, secure AES 128-bit encryption, and multiple protocols on their networks as budget and resources allow. Multiple applications can be operated on a single network at the same time, including remote device configuration and data polling. MDS SD9 also includes two serial ports, provides broad coverage flexibility over distances up to 50 miles, and supports a low-power sleep mode for solar and battery powered applications.