Haydon Kerk Introduces PCM7539X Stepper Motor Controller

November 132011
Haydon Kerk Introduces PCM7539X Stepper Motor Controller

November 13, 2011 - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions introduced the PCM7539X IDEA programmable stepper motor drive capable of a 75VDC input voltage and a max output current of 3.85A RMS. This unit is designed to control the larger-size stepper motor linear actuators offered by Haydon Kerk and has the same functionality and programmability as the lower- power IDEA drives.

The introduction of the PCM7539X completes the power range for the platform and allows the IDEA system to be used with any stepper motor product currently offered by Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions. The PCM7539X in particular is designed to control the larger size 23 and size 34 stepper motor units.

PCM7539X is a compact, easy-to-use electronic drive and fully programmable control unit with a graphic user interface. Programming the drive is though the use of on-screen buttons instead of complicated command sets or other proprietary programming languages. The software allows the system designer to easily troubleshoot programs that use line-by-line or multiple line program execution using the interactive debug feature. Inputs and outputs also can be simulated in software before ever connecting actual I/O hardware. 

Technical specifications for the PCM7539X include programmable current control, 12VDC to 75VDC input voltage, drive current per phase of 3.85A RMS plus a 30% “current boost” function for use during ramping, 8 digital I/O points, and memory for up to 75 stored motion control programs.