Hirschmann introduces EAGLE mGuard Firewall

Hirschmann introduces EAGLE mGuard Firewall
May 1, 2007 - To meet the growing need for increased protection and security in Industrial Ethernet networks Hirschmann has introduced Eagle mGuard - High Speed VPN, Firewall, Routing and Anti-virus protection.

The EAGLE mGuard is the first industrial, high performance firewall (99% wire-speed throughput) built for harsh and demanding environments. It offers users advanced authentication, access control, firewall, VPN tunneling, and encryption to achieve the highest level of security for industrial Ethernet networks. In addition EAGLE mGuard provides anti-virus protection with automated virus definition updates.

All security functions are integrated into the self-contained independent EAGLE mGuard platform, eliminating the need to reconfigure the system being protected or install additional drivers or software. Integration, regardless of the application or operating system, is easily done with the learning mode and default one-way communication.

Features include: A high capacity anti-virus ClamAV engine, Fiber and/or RJ45 connection options, maximum data throughput via encrypted high speed VPN (250 tunnels), 1:1 NAT/Firewall, DIN rail mount with 9.6V to 60VDC (redundant) inputs, a USB port that supports a configuration flash adapter and remote administration via the Internet.

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