Hole introduces DUO-GRIP B100 brakes to stop machines

Hole introduces DUO-GRIP B100 brakes to stop machines
May 20, 2009 - DUO-GRIP B100 line of spring-set, pneumatic-release brakes provide unlimited linear travel and develop braking forces to 5,400 lb for emergency stopping or holding position with zero backlash. Brakes operate on a flat metal bar or a disk and may be mounted in any attitude. Open design allows for visual lining wear inspection, quick shoe replacement and simple, single-point adjustment. Left and right hand models, two sizes actuating cylinders, custom and hydraulic-release versions are available.

Especially suited for emergency stopping, Duo-Grip linear brakes apply braking force directly to reciprocating machine members to eliminate dependence on drive belts, chains or couplings. Average actuation times are approximately 65 milliseconds from zero to full braking force. Brakes also develop a self-energizing effect to provide significantly more force in one direction of travel that is particularly useful in vertical load configurations. Ideal applications also include transfer equipment, automated storage/retrieval systems, platen presses and conveyors.