ifm efector Dualis Inspection Sensor for Shape and Contour Monitoring

November 302004
ifm efector Dualis Inspection Sensor for Shape and Contour Monitoring
ifm efector’s new inspection sensor, efector dualis, monitors a variety of error-proofing applications to provide 100% inspection testing throughout the assembly automation process. Through contour evaluation, the sensor monitors applications such as missing part, good part/bad part, correct orientation, and right part/wrong part to detect component defects.

The compact sensor is used with an infrared light source to provide pass / fail indication. The light source illuminates the component, and the sensor evaluates its silhouette. The detected contour is then compared with the correct preset contour. If the contours match, the component is released for further assembly processes. If the contours do not match, the process is stopped and an LED indicates the fault.

Designed for industrial use, the sensor’s built-in intelligence includes a miniature Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) element as its image processor, a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) and integrated electronics in a compact 42mm x 42mm diecast housing. The sensor can be used with a variety of light sources that measure only 9.2 mm in thickness, making them easy to install in tight applications.

The 24 VDC quick disconnect sensors feature a four-LED output that indicates power, sensor on-line, contour detected and contour not detected. List price for the efector dualis sensor is $875.00 (U.S.). Infrared light sources are 24 VDC units that offer varying image areas (25x25mm, 50x50mm, or 100x100mm). List price for light sources range from $225 to $275.00 (U.S.).

ifm efector is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sensors and control products for industrial control applications. Products include proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, fiber optics, speed monitors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, valve position sensors, a complete line of vehicle control solutions, and AS-i networking products.