Intelligrated enhances InControlWare Software

August 252011
Intelligrated enhances InControlWare Software

August 25, 2011 - Intelligrated added shipping and packing sortation software packages to its InControlWare warehouse control software suite. ShipSort and PackSort applications, designed to manage high-speed tilt-tray and cross-belt sortation systems, allow operations to manage people, processes and product flow for increased productivity, accuracy and on-time shipments. The software combines advanced sortation functions with comprehensive warehouse control, eliminating the challenge of integrating applications from multiple equipment suppliers.
InControlWare ShipSort, ideal for use in distribution, e-commerce, postal and parcel operations, provides comprehensive routing and controls management for shipping sorter applications. Advanced ShipSort software features include intelligent item and container routing, induction and chute management, multiple chute selection strategies, and configurable exception processing.
InControlWare PackSort is designed for order fulfillment applications including returns, direct-to-consumer and packing operations with full support of pre-allocated or supply and demand item allocations. PackSort is well-suited for multipurpose distribution centers, where the sortation system is a crucial part of the distribution channel. Key software capabilities include inbound and outbound queue management, wave creation and management, item allocation to orders, directed packout operations, and inventory and item management.

The ShipSort and PackSort applications seamlessly combine the intelligent product flow, visibility and reporting tools of the InControlWare WCS (warehouse control system), including Order Manager, Route Manager and View Center. Access to InControlWare maintenance tools, including parts information, user manuals, testing of components and chutes, mechanical checks and I/O debugging, are also available. 


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