Interroll releases 220 Series drum motors

January 152009
Interroll releases 220 Series drum motors
January 15, 2009 -- Providing a robust, high-performance belt conveyor drive solution, Interroll's 8.5" diameter drum motor is designed to manage the most demanding medium and heavy unit load applications. The heavy duty 220 Series drum motor features an internal gearing system with 97% efficiency and uses less power than many conventional drives. When fully loaded, the 220 Series drum motor uses 32% less power than equivalent gear motor drives, drastically reducing energy costs and carbon footprints.

The 220 Series is a self-contained unit, as the motor, gearbox and bearings are enclosed in a steel shell. The enclosure makes the drum motor ideal for harsh environment applications, as the internal gearing system is protected from dust, water, oil, grease, chemicals or other harmful substances. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, the steel enclosure provides a space-saving design that improves safety and decreases noise-levels while operating at full capacity. The 220 Series is IP66/67 food grade approved.

The 220 Series drum motor is available in two versions. The 220M is specifically designed for medium duty loads and can match irregular load conditions for normal heavy unit handling applications. The 220H is designed for heavy duty loads and features a 3-stage gearbox and stronger bearings to fulfil the requirements of heavy unit handling at low speeds, high torques and high belt tensions.

The 220 Series drum motor is available with numerous options, including; a crowned mild steel shell to ensure belt tracking, rubber hot vulcanized lagging, mechanical backstop, parallel shell (no crown), sprocket mounting and matching idler pulleys.